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Third Eye Activation

30-Minute Session: $40.00

Call (860) 966-8611 to

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The third eye activation is offered individually or in a class setting. During the class, exercises are given and practiced after the initially activation to support the opening of this amazing chakra.

The third eye or 6th Chakra is the second highest energy frequency within the chakra system. The third eye governs intuition and psychic ability. It helps us delve into our inner realm, that which is truly us!

We need to learn to trust our intuition. It is usually in a battle with our intellect which gathers information from outside sources. We need to power up our intuition to partner with the intellect to help guide, direct and influence our lives. This helps us to meet life’s challenges with a higher level of consciousness. If this resonates with you then it is time to explore the capability of gathering information beyond the five physical senses.

Everyone has a third eye. It just needs activating and training.

Opening the third eye begins to clear energy blocks and self-limitations while releasing negative karma.

People often access new information and explore higher levels of consciousness during this activation and training. This is also used as a pathway to astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Once you successfully activate the third eye, rays of light will stream in and you will begin to see vivid colors, pictures, auras and visions. With practice you will begin to see more clearly, opening up pathways to higher levels of consciousness and spirituality.

If you have clairvoyant tendencies they will begin to flourish. You may begin to perceive the chakras and aura energies of people, plants and animals, and going forward you may see other dimensional beings and objects. Sign up today!