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Fragrance Alchemy

60 - 80-Minute Fragrance Alchemy Session: $150.00

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“The oils utilized in this modality are far beyond the capacity of even high grade essential oil therapy both in the scope of use and in their potency, there is simply no comparison.” (Seer Almine) This is because the application of these oils is totally different, and their potency is the highest on the planet for healing. These are healing of the body oils – specifically the dissolving of the emotional debris that is stuck in the meridians that cause us to have pain in the body, and basically not feel good in life. They are used on very specific points on the body, and with the work of the practitioner and the client, incredible changes take place.

New healing oils called Fragrance Alchemy (not to be confused with essential oils), are here especially to work with our meridians….(these new oils are at a much higher vibration and frequency) and are here to bring healing for the higher vibrations that some people are starting to feel. No other healing oils have this ability.

The Chinese masters knew this, and their foundational work as set the stage for a next leap in evolution in these energetic pathways. In 2013-2014, the Science Heart Math Institute of Southern. California published their findings on the work of the meridians and found this is where all negative emotions are stored that affect the hormones we emit and bring in pain to the body – even dis-ease.

They flow our life energy and nothing can manifest in our life that is not activated in the meridan system.

  • It erases negative emotions that got lodged in our meridian system and cause blocked flow of qi (energy)
  • The Fragrance Alchemy works through the meridian system, to clear the emotional imprints of memory that cause impeded flow.
  • When applied repeatedly for a period of time, old patterns from wounding and emotional triggers begin to dissolve as we reinterpret from a sense of
  • wholeness.
  • The alchemy of these oils is specific to the meridian, chakra, and other body systems, and are rubbed into specific acupuncture points of the body.

They have improved the life of people who had suffered for years from depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, grief and many more debilitating emotions.